Indonesia executes six drug convicts, five of them foreigners

Indonesia executes six drug convicts, five of them foreigners
Widodo has pledged to bring reform to Indonesia

Ban appeals to Indonesia to stop death row executions

Ban appeals to Indonesia to stop death row executions
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has pleaded to Indonesia to stop the execution of prisoners on death row for drug crimes. AFP PHOTO

Pope: 'Death penalty represents failure' – no 'humane' way to kill a person

Pope: 'Death penalty represents failure' – no 'humane' way to kill a person
The pope wrote that the principle of legitimate personal defense isn’t adequate justification to execute someone. Photograph: Zuma/Rex

Obama becomes first president to visit US prison (US Justice Systems / Human Rights)

Obama becomes first president to visit US prison   (US Justice Systems / Human Rights)
US President Barack Obama speaks as he tours the El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in El Reno, Oklahoma, July 16, 2015 (AFP Photo/Saul Loeb)

US Death Penalty (Justice Systems / Human Rights)

US Death Penalty (Justice Systems / Human Rights)
Woman who spent 23 years on US death row cleared (Photo: dpa)


"The Recalibration of Awareness – Apr 20/21, 2012 (Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll) (Subjects: Old Energy, Recalibration Lectures, God / Creator, Religions/Spiritual systems (Catholic Church, Priests/Nun’s, Worship, John Paul Pope, Women in the Church otherwise church will go, Current Pope won’t do it), Middle East, Jews, Governments will change (Internet, Media, Democracies, Dictators, North Korea, Nations voted at once), Integrity (Businesses, Tobacco Companies, Bankers/ Financial Institutes, Pharmaceutical company to collapse), Illuminati (Started in Greece, with Shipping, Financial markets, Stock markets, Pharmaceutical money (fund to build Africa, to develop)), Shift of Human Consciousness, (Old) Souls, Women, Masters to/already come back, Global Unity.... etc.) - (Text version)

… The Shift in Human Nature

You're starting to see integrity change. Awareness recalibrates integrity, and the Human Being who would sit there and take advantage of another Human Being in an old energy would never do it in a new energy. The reason? It will become intuitive, so this is a shift in Human Nature as well, for in the past you have assumed that people take advantage of people first and integrity comes later. That's just ordinary Human nature.

In the past, Human nature expressed within governments worked like this: If you were stronger than the other one, you simply conquered them. If you were strong, it was an invitation to conquer. If you were weak, it was an invitation to be conquered. No one even thought about it. It was the way of things. The bigger you could have your armies, the better they would do when you sent them out to conquer. That's not how you think today. Did you notice?

Any country that thinks this way today will not survive, for humanity has discovered that the world goes far better by putting things together instead of tearing them apart. The new energy puts the weak and strong together in ways that make sense and that have integrity. Take a look at what happened to some of the businesses in this great land (USA). Up to 30 years ago, when you started realizing some of them didn't have integrity, you eliminated them. What happened to the tobacco companies when you realized they were knowingly addicting your children? Today, they still sell their products to less-aware countries, but that will also change.

What did you do a few years ago when you realized that your bankers were actually selling you homes that they knew you couldn't pay for later? They were walking away, smiling greedily, not thinking about the heartbreak that was to follow when a life's dream would be lost. Dear American, you are in a recession. However, this is like when you prune a tree and cut back the branches. When the tree grows back, you've got control and the branches will grow bigger and stronger than they were before, without the greed factor. Then, if you don't like the way it grows back, you'll prune it again! I tell you this because awareness is now in control of big money. It's right before your eyes, what you're doing. But fear often rules. …

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Peace In Korean Peninsula Requires Asian African Support

Jakarta Globe,, Apr 23, 2015

AACC2015, Jakarta – Peace in the Korean peninsula was the main focus of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea during AAC plenary sessions at the Jakarta Convention Centre, Wednesday (22/4). To realise such peace, support from Asian and African countries is necessary.

So said the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, Kim Yong-nam, in the first Plenary Session of the 60-year Commemoration of the Asian African Conference (AAC) at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), on Wednesday (22/4). “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has a strong commitment to achieving world peace, including in the Korean peninsula region,” Kim said.

As such, a concrete effort to realise peace must be made through strengthening South-South Cooperation. “Entering the 3rd millennium, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will play an active role in the realisation of economic prosperity and peace,” he said.

Kim went on to say that the spirit of the Ten Principles of Bandung in 1955 would strengthen the unity of the peoples of Asia and Africa. “The birth of the Ten Principles of Bandung cannot be separated from the tremendous spirit of Asian African leaders to escape from imperialism,” he added.

The principle of state sovereignty, Kim further explained, resulted in the liberation of Asian African peoples from the shackles of colonialism. “Now, with the new Asian African strategic partnership, progress in the social, political, and economic sectors can be truly realised,” he said.

At the same time, Kim expressed his belief in a need for mutual respect towards the domestic affairs of any country. “Other countries have no right to criticise our country, including the issues of human rights and nuclear weapons,” he said.

He reaffirmed that the mobilisation of foreign troops in the Korean peninsula will definitely affect the peace process. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea are still at war, and the two countries have signed no peace treaty since the 1953 ceasefire. The Republic of Korea gained military support from the United States during the conflict with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. (Translator: Muhardi)

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